About infonet

Infonet College of Computer science and Business was established in May 2002 with the motto of excellence education targeting the young generation. The college was born as Computer Training Center . This center has been the only of its kind of availing training of deaf students. The center has graduated not less than 2000 students in four rounds since establishment.
The college now offers advanced Diploma and Diploma in Computer science, Marketing, computerized Accounting, Multi media, Secretarial Science and the likes.

The College has secured business license from the Ministry of Trade and Industry of the federal Democratic republic of Ethiopia , and a work permit from Ethiopian federal Democratic republic investment office. The process of Accreditation from the Ministry of the Ethiopian Federal Democratic Republic is underway for legality.

International award in recognition of the commitment to quality, LEAERSHIP, Technology and innovation. Each year, B.I.D. Business Initiative Direction selects companies from the top areas of industrial production and services including heath care, education manufacturing small businesses and tourism. Dedicated to the promotion of quality awareness, the International Arch of Europe Conventional publicists successful quality strategies. The quality excellence award, which is transitional presented by the president of B.I.D. is the top honour that companies can receive for performance excellence, quality

The President of Infonet College, Mr Solomon G/Michal Butta was presented the award gold category by the president of BID Business Initiative Direction, Jose E.Prieto. the presentation took place during the closing ceremony of the International Arch of Europe Convention held at the Hotel Intercontinental in frankfurt.it was attended by representatives from the realm of collateral activities, the business world and the diplomatic corps.

Upon Coming forward to receive the award, Me. Solomon G/Michal Butt was given a round of applause from an audience made up of Participants from 57 Countries. The group, made up of Leaders in different business activates in their countries, had gathered on the in ground of a search for quality improvement.

The internal Arch of Euro award selection criteria is based on Principles of the TOM, currently utilized in companies from over 100 countries and distributed under name QC 100. The 100 points of quality cover areas starting with customer satisfaction and continuing in selections related to communication, Leadership, benchmarking human resource, information analysis, diction of systems and processed and business results.

During the award presentation the recipients were congratulated by the participants who share appreciation for the efforts made and the business performance levels required to expand and have continued success.