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::: Infonet College is one of the most admired private institutions in Ethiopia. Established with the motto of excellence and service in providing quality education, the college has earned a distinctive name for itself especially in Information Technology. The core competence lie in a cross-functional, hard-working, ambitious and experienced team of professionals in the fields of Computer Science, Business and Social science that can offer trainings on diverse areas in addition to the regular academic programs. Infonet College aims to churn out professionally groomed manpower who can competently plan, organize, operate, maintain and manage modern Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and ICT based services keeping in view their importance in the new business scenario and development process of the country.  


:::Infonet College was deliberately planned as a sibling of Infonet Computer Engineering Center to extend quality education in Information and Communication Technology. Since its inception, Infonet College has been successful in making an impeccable dent in the academic landscape of the country as a leader in bringing education in the area of ICT. The college is committed to extend such education to remotest area of the country in times ahead. Infonet College shares the dream of poverty reduction and socio-economic development and believes that development in business, communication, industry, research, or in any sector can only be achieved with an active involvement of well-educated and qualified professionals. .


::: The College was constituted in 1999 under the educational vision of the Infonet Computer Center as a Private Limited Company incorporated in Ethiopia. The objective was to evolve, extend and nurture know-how in the area of Information and Communication Technology. Quality oriented academic programs and trainings were considered the broader means to attain this end. As a result, Infonet College offers both long and short term trainings and consultancy services on various fields. As of now, it has successfully trained over 20,000 trainees from government, non-government and the private organizations. The success of training programs has brought laurels to the College and it can proudly claim trainees the living testimonies to its pursuits. ..[more]


::: The college has started to register new applicants for the second semester of the college's calendar. According to the registrar office the students can apply to certificate, diploma and degree disciplines.